Gray Chynoweth Earns Support of Southern New Hampshire Business Community

25 Business Leaders Support Chynoweth for Executive Council

Manchester, NH – Voters in New Hampshire’s 4th Executive Council District are looking for a leader who knows how to grow businesses and create jobs right here in Southern New Hampshire.  Strong support from the business community helped Chris Pappas win 3 terms in the Executive Council, where he fought for fair contracts that stayed true to his progressive values while giving the New Hampshire taxpayers good value for their dollar in state contracts.

Now, that same business community is coalescing behind Gray Chynoweth (D-Manchester) in his bid to succeed Chris Pappas on the Executive Council.  The Chynoweth Campaign is proud to announce an initial list of 25 prominent business leaders in District 4 who are supporting his campaign for Executive Council.

Chynoweth is himself a prominent member of the business community, having helped grow Dyn (acquired by Oracle) from 15 to over 450 employees as COO, working for Silvertech, and now working with Dean Kamen at ARMI, whose mission is to drive the development of the biofabrication industry. He also helped found two of the largest organizations in the state focused on attracting and retaining a young workforce, the Manchester Young Professional Network and StayWorkPlay.

Following the announcement Chynoweth issued the following statement:

“I am honored to have the support of so many prominent members of New Hampshire’s business community.  I have spent my entire professional career helping create jobs and grow businesses here in Southern New Hampshire. On the Executive Council, I will fight to make sure that businesses can grow and create jobs in the state and that taxpayers are getting excellent value for quality services.”

Brittany Flannagan, a business leader in Manchester, issued the following statement:

"To keep New Hampshire's economy growing for everyone, we need leaders who ignore partisan politics and focus on important issues like growing our workforce; listening to new ideas; and making government easier to work with."

The full list of business leaders is as follows:

Brittany Flannagan - Vice President of Human Relations (Manchester)
Chris Von Pichel - Director of Project Management, SilverTech (Manchester)
Cory Von Wollenstein - Entrepreneur (Bedford)
Dave Roedel - Business Development Officer, Roedel Companies/Hilton Garden Inn (Manchester)
Dave Schleyer - Owner, Elm Grove Companies (Manchester)
Derek Barka - Chief Technology Officer, SilverTech
Greg McHale - Chief Technology Officer, Datanomix (Manchester)
Howard Brodsky - Chief Executive Officer, CCA Global Partners (Manchester)
Jeff Kelley - Owner, Solid Roots Construction (Deerfield)
Jeremy Hitchcock - Chief Executive Officer, Minim (Manchester)
Josh Delisle - Director of Sales, Oracle (Manchester)
Kyle York - Vice President and General Manager, Oracle (Manchester)
Lisa Marie-Booth - Owner, Fortitude (Manchester)
Mark Prestopino - Chief Operating Officer, Hitchcock Management (Manchester)
Matt Gurage - Chief Executive Officer, Awato (Manchester)
Matt Pierson  - Entrepreneur (Bedford)
Matt Toy - Director of Customer Success, Oracle (Manchester)
Newton Kershaw - Owner, Elm Grove Companies (Manchester)
Nick Soggu - Chief Executive Officer, Silvertech (Manchester)
Pam Diamantis - Partner, Curbstone Financial (Manchester)
Patrick Van Rooyan - Chief Executive Officer, GoGlobal Education (Manchester)
Preston Hunter - Vice President, Eckman Construction (Bedford)
Sam Maltis - Principal Strategist & Marketing Manager, SilverTech (Manchester)
Shane Carter - Owner, Ridgeview Construction (Deerfield)
Steve Baines - Chief Executive Officer, Forcivity (Manchester)
Brian Cheek - Chief Executive Officer, Manchester Monarchs (Manchester)

(Please note that company names are for identification purposes only, and do not imply an endorsement from the company itself)

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