Now is the Time for A Better, Innovative, and Modern State Government

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Gray knows what it takes to get results and find innovative solutions.

Born and raised in the Granite State, Gray's lifelong devotion to our state through his many accomplishments as a business and community leader, compelled him to run for the Executive Council to make sure New Hampshire remains a special place to start a business, raise a family, and call home. 

"From helping grow Dyn from less than 20 employees to 500 people, to helping found nonprofit organizations dedicated to recruiting and retaining New Hampshire workers, to my work today with ARMI helping to create a new industry bringing the next generation of manufacturing jobs to the Manchester millyard, I’ve seen how much promise there is in our region and our people. We deserve elected officials who understand how to drive smart growth, good jobs, and get a better return for our tax dollars without letting politics get in the way.

Now is the time to bring the next generation of leadership to the Executive Council and continue Chris Pappas's tradition of balanced, forward thinking leadership that delivers real results for District 4."